Halloween Kills review

Video review coming Halloween night!

Hi friend!

Halloween Kills wasn’t entirely smart. It had some smart homage type stuff but other parts were pretty dumb.

I ask you tho, do you go into Halloween Part 13 expecting to improve your IQ?

This movie delivered the goods IMO.

See my full video review with guest star Andy Cooks Food Halloween night on YouTube.

And real quick I’m going to tell you that people aren’t exactly lining up to join Horror Cash University.

I’m super grateful for the subscribers I have but it’s been a minute since I gotta new subscriber.

I’m positive all that's gonna change when the platform goes live on connected TV.

My “movies” will be much more valuable when people watch them on TV.

Hopefully Special TV goes ad supported then I’ll blow up even further!

So I’m gonna continue busting ass creating content for Special TV in the hopes that it gets on connected TV’s in the future.